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Tech Notes
Is 5G dangerous? 

Just like it happened with 2G, 3G and 4G, the press has launched an alarmist type of communication on the potential dangers of an excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation from devices that will use 5G.

In a previous piece (you can find it among the related articles at the bottom on the page) we presented an overview on the innovations brought by 5G and its impact in the IoT field, here we’ll try to understand which are the actual dangers linked to its electromagnetic waves, dispel some false myths and suggest how to avoid potential risky situations. 

Mobile devices emit electromagnetic radiations and the human body absorbs them, this is a necessary premise to make as everyday we’re exposed to a huge amount of radiations coming from smartphone, smart TV, modem, computer, and so on. 

The parameter used to measure the radiations we absorb is the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). With units of watts per kilogram (W/kg), the SAR indicates the quantity of electromagnetic radiation absorbed by the human body in a unit of time. The values are calculated by putting the devices at a specific distance in order to get precise and truthful measurements. These are made by national frequency agencies which, nation by nation, impose SAR limits that cannot be exceed by the devices on the market. 

However, the quantity of radiation dangerous for men is way above these limits.

The agencies are very strict: they took off the market a few smartphones and limited production companies in selling their devices. For example, in France the ANFR has taken off the market Leagoo S8 and AllView X4 models and obtained a power reduction for some Xiaomi devices ready to be sold. 

Therefore the consumer is protected by laws and extremely active controlling companies and we shouldn’t worry too much about the dangerous effects of 5G.

Now that we feel safer, we must, on the other hand, take note of the fact that if the exposure to a single device is harmless, the sum of electromagnetic radiation from more than one direction could have some consequences with time. 

The prevention countermeasures for these harmful effects are quite simple: everytime you don’t need to use an electronic device it’s better if you don’t bring it with you. In particular try not to charge your phone on the night table while you’re sleeping, leave it in another room and, in general, don’t overload your home with electronic devices, especially if they’re connected to the network. 

If you follow these suggestions, which will not only prevent harm from the exposure to electromagnetic radiation but also improve the quality of your life, you’ll be able to use a 5G smartphone without any problem.