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NG Rome MMXIX Angular Conference

NG Rome MMXIX Angular Conference

Angular is one of the most popular, powerful and versatile programming languages, that’s why keeping up to date with its changes and news is necessary for an IT company like PC Cube.
On 7 October an interesting event, the NG Rome MMXIX, will be held in Rome. An entire day of conferences will be dedicated to Angular. It’s the first time in Italy that an event revolves around this programming language and for the occasion experts from throughout the world were asked to participate. Here’s the guest speakers list:

  • Matias Niemelä, Angular core team @ Google
  • John Papa, Principal developer advocate @ Microsoft
  • Ayşegül Yönet, Azure Advocates @ Microsoft
  • Juri Strumpflohner, Google Developer Expert in Angular
  • Pamela Ocampo, Señora Software Engineer @ One Medical
  • Mike Ryan, NgRx Core Team & Software Engineer @ Synapse
  • Juan Herrera, Head of Frontend Development @ Yuxiglobal
  • Leonardo Zizzamia, Web Tech Lead @ Coinbase
  • Horacio Gonzalez, Google Developer Expert
  • Josie Nagy, Developer @ Bitcrowd
  • Bonnie Brennan, Google Developer Expert in Angular
  • Samantha Rhodes, Teacher and web developer
  • Giorgio Natili, Software Development Manager @ Amazon
  • Fabian Gosebrink, Pluralsight author, and Angular & ASP.NET Core web developer
  • Marta Wiśniewska, Frontend Developer @ Cosmose
  • Maurizio Vitale, Software Engineer @ Alfresco

An event not to be missed that some members of our team are happy to attend.