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Tech Notes
The phone that charges instantaneously

In the previous articles we talked about green technology and Elon Musk’s business ventures. Here we’ll focus on Echion Technologies, a start up founded by Cambridge researchers who announced they have found a way to charge their mobile devices in only 6 minutes.
This turns out to be a quite delicate topic since it’s not the first time a company says it wants to improve the battery performance of a smartphone; indeed it’s the innovation we are all waiting for since we all make an excessive use of our phones and their battery is pretty much dead at the end of the day.
At the moment the main issue concerning charge speed lies in the fact that if we increase the power of chargers we risk transforming our device into a micro explosive one, lithium batteries can easily overcharge so they need hours to recharge correctly; that’s why news regarding the improvement of smartphone performances should be read with a bit of suspicion. Cambridge’s start up, however, seems to have a clear idea about the steps that will lead to this tiny revolution.
Echion Technologies is developing batteries whose foils are covered by a new nanotechnology-based material (instead of graphite powder) that would lead to a faster charge. The real problem at the moment doesn’t seem to be the actual creation of the batteries 2.0 but the large-scale production. However, the researchers team is planning to finalize and start selling the new product in 2020, after all the tests are made.
We don’t have to wait long to discover if Echion Technologies will indeed create an innovation that would improve a lot the performance of an object that is an integral part of our lives.