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Last week we attended two career days, the first one in Rome at La Sapienza, University of Rome, the second one in Rende at the University of Calabria.

The main purpose and or objective of these two days, is connecting a link between students and companies: for the young people this is the first real experience in the working world, and an opportunity to also complete their studies. Instead for the

Companies this is the perfect time to find new co-workers who help them achieve their goals.

These days are taken very seriously and in our company we have many examples of involving young people in projects with the objective of being hired.

With the purpose of showing you the importance we give our young people, that are helping us, the type of projects they are involved in and the approach with which they were included in these projects. We would also very much like to introduce Chiara Romanelli’s Thesis in Computer Science Engineering titled, “Implementation of new features of an IoT platform to support precision agriculture.”

In the twenty-first century there is a lot of talk about respecting the environment and finding solutions to improve environmental conditions or to search for systems not to make the current one worse. The century in which we live is in fact called the “century of the environment” where problems such as air pollution, the decrease in natural resources and climate change are no longer negligible issues, but daily arguments. For this reason, the so-called Green Technology is also being developed in the technological field.

“Green Technology” or green technology, also known as sustainable technology, offers us the best chance to counteract the effects of climate change and pollution. The term Technology is used to describe the application of technological knowledge used in the development of technologies aimed at safeguarding and environmental conservation.

AgilAg (Agile Agricolture) is a Green Technology project based on a verticalization of the IoT Bebop (Best Business Optimizing Platform) platform. AgilAg derives from great sensitivity, respect for the environment and consequently sustainable agriculture and precision. AgilAg was not only designed for agricultural entrepreneurs, but for all those who work in the agri-food chain. Farmers, as well as agricultural agencies, they expressed the need for a tool to aid agriculture precision.

Thanks to the combination of Sentinel satellite data of the EU-ESA “Copernicus” program, originating from sensors on the ground and on board of agricultural vehicles, AgilAg produces “variability maps” with which it is possible to monitor in and the water stress of the plants, providing suggestions for targeted agricultural interventions over time and space. Through the mobile application it is finally possible to carry out on-site phyto-diagnosis on specific nutritional deficiencies, parasitic infestations and pathologies, allowing the rationalization of inputs.

In the past six months, I have followed the construction of an area of ​​the Bepop IoT platform called Farmland, an Internship Project. The section is an AgilAg project, which therefore aims to support farmers and all those who work in the agri-food sector for agriculture precision. The thesis project that will be presented in the next chapters is the creation of a section of the Bebop platform in which the user can manage cultivable or cultivated areas, with the support of a map, in which he can delimit the area he owns and report any damage or infestation or disease contained in the soil. The internship was carried out at Pc Cube, an IT consultancy company, participating in the work of a Scrum team.

In the first chapter, the conditions for the development of the new features of the Farmaland section will be presented, emphasizing particular on the requirements specification, and it will also be created by the user of the Stories.