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What happens online in 60 seconds?

Recently we talked about how the information we share daily on social media, websites and search engines can be used. To give you an idea of the amount of data we can collect from the web, take a look at the picture above: the infographic was made by Domo, a company which produces a data management platform and shows all the actions made online every minute.
If we dwell on some of these figures for a moment, we must admit they’re very impressive:

almost 5 million researches made on search engines every minute, 300 millions every hour and a total of 7 billions every day;
188 million emails are sent every minute, 3.000.000 every second;
almost 5 millions videos watched on YouTube every 60 seconds;
55.000 pictures are posted on Instagram and the number is growing given the popularity of the social network.

While you’re reading this, there are so many things happening online: people are writing their thoughts on Facebook, couples are sharing photos on WhatsApp, your colleagues are sending you emails on Outlook and so on.
Most of these actions contain information on who makes them, a quick look at the photo is enough to understand what we mean with the expression “we are in the Big Data era”.