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European Researchers’ Night

On September 27th 2019, many European universities opened their doors to the European Researchers’ Night, a big event that celebrates science’s achievements introducing them to the public.
PC Cube participated thanks to Eliana, one of our coworkers who presented her thesis: a robot with Earth leakage switches that can detect network anomalies, identify the presence of radio sources, the power of their signals and create an automatically navigable 2D map of the surrounding environment.
The presentation took place at the University of Calabria in the presence of a large public and the representatives from the Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria, Magna Græcia University of Catanzaro, National Research Council and Department of National and Community Planning of Calabria.
Beside presenting her project, Eliana had the chance to discuss with researchers, graduates and near-graduates, sharing her ideas and listening to theirs.
A very interesting event to bring research closer to people, understand its value and clarify ideas to the young minds who are searching for the right area to enter this world.

«It’s the visual demonstration of what universities have produced in the past years».
Crisi, University Rector Magnificus of Unical