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Talent Garden Rende (CS)

On Tuesday 22 January 2019, at the Talent Garden in Rende (Italy) there’s been a workshop dedicated to video games programming using blockchain.

It’s been 10 years since this technology was born, when a mysterious guy under the pseudonym Shatoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin. Over the years blockchain has become very popular and its implementations are numerous: from cryptocurrency to healthcare, from music to video games.

Besides the area where it is applied, a fundamental conceptwhen it comes to blockchain is the smart contract. It’s a self-executing contract between a buyer and a seller written into lines of code. The programming language used for this is similar to Java, Javascript and C#. Ethereum platform provides an online IDE to developers to write the code: it can be found here.

This first example of video games based on blockchain is Cryptokitties. It’s a sort of online tamagotchi on Ethereum. Players can buy, sell and look after digital kittens. Every kitten is unique because it has specific somatic traits. The rarest digital cats are raised to be sold at very high prices, exceeding hundred thousand dollars.

A cryptocurrency can be linked to a video game and the constant use of the currency connected with Cryptokitties made whoever bought it very rich.

Digical cats are only one example of how this revolutionary technology can impact the present and the future from different points of view. We’re happy to examine in depth everyone of its fields and we’ll keep doing it.