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What is the green industry?

Green industry is a term that indicates those companies that operate by applying green technology, that is, all those processes concerning the sustainable economy and eco-compatibility.

The term green industry therefore does not only include companies that produce goods that are useful to the environment and/or do not impact on it, but it also is a concept/idea, that includes business processes: all those contexts in which production fall into the category of green industry of goods, or a service which uses eco-sustainable processes.

Companies that operate in this way use materials, energy sources and processes that protect the environment, limiting the environmental impact of the entire production process as much as possible, regardless of the final product fulfilled with satisfaction.

The concepts of green technology and green industry are extremely topical issues: in this particular historical moment, in which environmental topics, are now being discussed on a daily basis, it is up to companies to take the first step to contribute to the cause.

Many companies will have to (or should) adapt and implement these new technologies in their production processes, favoring recyclable materials and limiting their environmental impact.

Green industry therefore is a term that invented to begin to name, and/or to list all those companies that have operated and are operating in respect to the nature of our planet, but we hope that green industry will become synonymous with the concept for the industry in the future: if everyone will do their part to help protect the environment, the benefits will be significant, evident and perhaps sufficient to reverse a course that is leading us into grave trouble, or perhaps it would be better to say in polluted waters.

PC Cube is an IT company that has always embraced the concept of green technology, a sustainable economy, which proudly be considered part of the green industry.

Especially as regards to our research & development department, we try to give priority to all those projects that can be included in the category of green industry, regardless of whether the attention to the environment is put in the way in which the product or is inherent in the product itself.

We tend to often share stories and case studies related to the green issue because first of all we believe it is necessary to follow this direction to clean up the planet polluted by years and years of industrialization, and secondly because the guys who collaborate with us on average are quite young, so for us it is a pleasure and a need to help them build a healthy and cleaner future.