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Cloud computing, as offered by Amazon Web Service (AWS), optimizes some important processes of business management like the maintenance of local infrastructures and data center.

That’s why we use it for our IT infrastructures, from virtual machines to web portal, reassuring our clients on the quality of our services and software:


Our management software are developed on AWS Cloud platforms, both during the testing and the production phase, and guarantees the customer a security system aimed at protecting his data through backup services, as well as advanced protection from any cyber attacks.


Cloud significantly reduces the time spent searching for the resources needed by the developers, reduces development costs and allows more flexibility in managing our software products as well as a fast adjustment to the client’s specific needs. The result is more adaptable for customizable software solutions.


A good management software reduces financial costs as well as the time spent managing network infrastructures. Therefore, working methods are more efficient and flexible, focusing on the needs and satisfaction of the client during the multiple phases of a project. It’s also possible to easily implement an application in more than one geographical area. The client will then benefit from a shorter latency period.

Protecting a project and accelerating its processes is as important as
creating it

We constantly update ourselves on Cloud services, which offer the best management and best performances for our infrastructures
and therefore we use them to organize our clients’ projects as well.