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PC Cube created Bebop (Best business optimizing platform), a mobile and web IoT platform that offers different services.

Bebop Asset & Fleet Management is an example: an innovative management software that offers geolocation services, control over the assets and work planning, supporting companies and public institutions in optimizing their activities and business management.

Thanks to IoT sensors (GSM, RFID antennas, badge systems and so on), the platform offers many customizable services such as:


Monitoring of the status and activities of each asset. For example, it allows you to know the location of a vehicle, if the power is on or off, as well as the tachograph data and information on the driver’s style.


You can file all the documents relating to an activity management.


They include all data on assets and employees available on different dashboards. For example, you get access to information on each employee including working hours, breaks, overtime, the kind of activities they are working on, etc.


The user can create, modify and manage new itineraries. He can also add specific points of interest and other elements. Thanks to the inserted data, a routing algorithm will suggest the best route to optimize the efficiency and productivity of the service.


This helps informing the user in real time on ordinary and extra events that happen during activities management.

IoT platform calls for the use of smartphones, tablets and devices that will be set up according to the client’s needs.


We’re currently working on other functions including mesh wireless Long Range networks (to gather information from the devices without the use of a SIM card) and the analysis and benchmark of the report’s data with other sources from public institutions.