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A very interesting example of the application of artificial intelligence comes to us from the field of photography, where DALL-E 2 literally showed us the incredible.

DALL-E 2 is an AI, an update of its previous version of 2021, capable of creating high-resolution images starting from a simple textual input, or reproducing different angles from a starting image.

This brief explanation does not thank the majesty of this AI. So let’s see some of his creations, starting with funny examples and arriving at hyperrealism.

Here’s what happens if we ask DALL-E 2 to show us an astronaut riding in space:

This instead is a bear skating on the streets of New York:

But what if we asked for a crab on a beach reflected in a transparent sphere?

The resolution level reached by DALL-E 2 is incredible, you can also eliminate elements of a photo and easily replace them with others. Particularly useful is the function that allows you to start from a photo to see the subject from different angles, clearly created by AI, or the one that offers different representations of a concept that we have in mind, but that we are unable to visualize, such as a hippo. in love or a four-handed painting by Monet and Caravaggio.

An incredible innovation that could revolutionize various sectors, from design to architecture, from photography to painting. But beware, great powers come with great responsibilities: such an instrument could create enormous damage if special requests were made to it. For this reason at this moment DALL-E 2 cannot generate, for example, images that contain known faces and, in general, its use is still very restricted and controlled.

However, it is a greedy taste of what the future holds in the coming years.