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DOCMON – Document quality monitoring tool

The purpose of DocMon is the management, review support, publication and monitoring of the quality of documents, keeping track of the approval process, reviewer evaluation and versioning of both documents and evaluations.
It is a tool developed to be used in those sectors where it is necessary to monitor the quality of documents in compliance with ISO/IEC 9126 and 25010 or to track the formal compliance of documents with other ISO standards (such as ISO/IEC 9001 and 27001).

Product quality, together with process quality, is one of the most important aspects of software development and document management, for this reason we carried out an in-depth study to define document quality assessment KPIs, which would cover the requirements required by ISO/IEC 9126 and 25010.

The tool supports documents in the most used file formats on the market (Microsoft Office and Acrobat PDF), but we can implement new formats according to customer needs.

The platform features are:
• Platform configuration
• Multi-client management: a private document space is created for each client
• Configuration of users and roles on individual customers
• Document management system with file versioning
• Configurable approval workflow
• Document management through folders and file categorization
• Bulk import of customer documents via zip
• Live preview of uploaded documents and their previous versions
• Document history at the file level, at the workflow status level and at the evaluation level
• Support for the manual review of documents and the evaluation of their qualitative status through KPIs compliant with the requirements of ISO/IEC 9126 and 25010
• Dashboard for monitoring the status of document quality through global traffic lights and radar diagrams representing the values ​​of the individual KPIs and their target threshold value. Monitoring can be done at the level of document space, folder, category or single file
• Publication and distribution to authorized stakeholders of the evaluated and approved documents
• In-app notifications to interested users of documentation status changes and their updates
• Internal messaging system between users of a document space.

There are 7 different roles within the platform:
• Platform administrator: takes care of the configuration and administration of the platform and the creation of the document space for new customers.
• Customer Administration: configure all the settings of a document space, the activated workflow statuses, the KPIs to be used and their thresholds, the file categories and their associated document verification checklists, the accepted file formats and the roles and users authorized to access that space.
• Document manager: these are the users enabled to create folders and upload documents within a document space. They are the ones who assign categories to documents. They can do bulk uploads of files.
• Reviewers: can only see the categories for which they are enabled and can evaluate the document based on the enabled KPIs. They can reject the document and send it back to the manager for changes or approve it and send it to the next state.
• Internal Approver and Customer Supervisor: these are two roles that can be used to manage two optional levels within the approval workflow of a document.
• Stakeholders: are all the final recipients of the assessed and approved documents. Stakeholders can only be enabled for certain categories

The part relating to the static analysis of document quality through AI and machine learning techniques is currently being studied and developed to simplify the work of the reviewers and speed up the evaluation and monitoring process.

If you are interested in learning more about DOC MON and understanding how to integrate it into your systems, contact us.