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green technology

Green Technology with Elon Musk

Green technology explained by Iron Man

In the previous articles (you can find them in the related items below) we talked about something that’s very close to us: green technology.
We shared some examples and saw how companies’ commitment in terms of green tech is fundamental to contribute to environmental protection.
An entrepreneur that has surely made a major contribution to the evolution of green technology is Elon Musk, the man who wants to bring mankind to Mars.
SolarCity, which was one of the first firms of the South African billionaire, specializes in solar energy services. In all his projects Elon Musk uses his creative genius to drastically reduce production costs while increasing the performance of his products, that’s how SolarCity succeeded in increasing tenfold the energy produced by his solar panels and forge important partnership that allowed him to concentrate on other plans.
And then came Tesla. The business was born together with SolarCity and initially focused on producing electricity. However, a few years later, it almost completely shifted focus to electric cars.
Tesla’s cars are completely electric, they use batteries made by SolarCity that guarantee performances that will not make you miss traditional fuels. If you stop at a Tesla Point you can charge your battery in a few tens of minutes and get over 500 km of autonomy. With top performances in terms of pickup, acceleration, road holding, comfort and optional, Musk’s electric cars have exceeded the quality of other well-known vehicle manufacturers, received various awards and are considered by many the best cars ever made.
However, the excellent performances of Tesla cars were not enough and Elon Musk wanted to go faster, so he started producing space rockets with SpaceX. Inside the huge warehouses in California, SpaceX produces every piece of its rockets with the medium-term objective (2030) of creating a route Earth-Mars that will help mankind colonizing another planet.
There are so many interesting aspects of SpaceX to analyze but we want to focus on the one that affects the environment the most: Musk’s rockets are reusable. One of the key points of the firm is the capacity to land the entire rocket. If we think that before Elon Musk shuttles could only land a small space capsule that detached from the rocket to allow astronauts to travel for the last section and land, the SpaceX innovation is truly revolutionary. Elon Musk’s intuition led to an enormous economic saving and an enormous reduction of environmental impact for his company, reducing waste, garbage and disposal.
When we talk about green technology we don’t just mean technologies that use green energies like SolarCity’s photovoltaic system or Tesla cars’ electric energy but also all those processes that lead to production while reducing waste and garbage like SpaceX.
Elon Musk is a controversial personality but his vision of the future in terms of green technology is what we need to give oxygen to a planet that has been exploited without worrying too much about the consequences until now.
Robert Downey Jr. said the entrepreneur was the inspiration behind his role of Iron Man. Maybe superheroes of the following years will be those who can reverse the process that led us to drastically pollute the planet, with all the consequences we hear about everyday.