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IT-alert in Tuscany

Tomorrow at 12:00 in Tuscany the first technological test will be carried out to warn people of any emergencies, especially relating to the climate. It will be precisely a test, so we hope that everyone is well informed in order to avoid unnecessary alarmism.

The first IT-alert will make all mobile phones ring, sending a message that will overwhelm all other applications and features of the phone. Thanks to the cell-broadcast technology, which allows a specific communication to be sent to the devices connected to the desired telephone cells, thus allowing a very precise geolocation, it will be possible to test this alert method and study its effectiveness even in the absence of an internet connection.

This is the first test at the Italian level, which will be followed by others, such as that of June 30 in Sardinia and July 5 in Sicily. The last few months have confirmed to us how important a prevention and warning system is that allows us to anticipate any catastrophes, even by a few but vital minutes. The IT-alert system could be the solution.

In fact, if we are about to evaluate the first tests on a national level, there are examples from around the world that have already confirmed the effectiveness of this kind of technology. For example, the same technology has already been tested in England with satisfactory results. While in Israel the iron dome is always active, the iron dome that protects the country from missiles; in this case the anti-missile technologies are of a completely different nature, but they are accompanied by a system similar to IT-alert which warns the inhabitants, via communications on smartphones, of any attacks, inviting them as a precaution to go to a safe place.

With the hope that the tests over the next few days will give the desired results and that technology can once again become a tool to support the quality of our life, all we have to do is wait for the mobile phones throughout Tuscany to start ringing and evaluate the results.