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Bebop Documental

Bebop Documental: management software to save resources, time and money.

Companies are full of contracts, quotes and directives that need to be printed and filed every day. Generally, employees spend around 95 hours per year to search for information.

Management software offer various benefits including security and data protection. Many digital platforms use management systems owned by third parties like FileNet or Documentum. On one hand they optimize corporate processes, on the other they ask clients and suppliers costs and proprietary restrictions which often lead to inefficiency.

PC Cube tried to overcome the limitations creating a software of documents integrated in the Bebop application, which gives access to information from any device (laptop, tablet and smartphone), wherever you are.

Thanks to ElasticSearch, one of the most popular search engine used by corporations, our solution optimizes storing process and file research, reducing indexing times. This means that the client can have under control a huge set of data in a precise and fast way.

The management program uses a graph database like OrientDB that can assemble and map information nodes through an arch structure rather than traditional charts. Now it’s much easier for the client to manage the access to documents compared with object-oriented applications. In other words, when the client wants to change the security and privacy settings or adding new ones, he can do it using the interface of our platform, he doesn’t need new implementations nor modifications from third parties.

Thanks to these software architecture components, the module of documents management of our app Bebop gives the client great autonomy and agility in managing documents and is particularly appropriate for controlling a huge amount of changing data.