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Ciao green technology

The Piaggio Ciao represents for many of us a symbol of childhood: it was in fact one of the first motorized vehicles available to children. The link between the bicycle and the scooters, often inherited from our grandparents, the Ciao gave the idea of ​​an indestructible means of transport: it did not seem to suffer the elements and time struggled to wear it as it does with other things.

Despite the numerous merits and nostalgic memories, the Ciao was certainly not an eco-sustainable vehicle. Even the pedals that assisted the vehicle’s engine were actually more spectacular than functional, anyone who has run out of petrol at least once and has had to ride home is well aware of this.

However, technology advances and sometimes allows revival of some symbols of the past, such as the Hello.

The Company Ambra Italia has in fact developed a kit that makes the Ciao a green vehicle.

The installation of the kit, the Ciao “loses its moped characteristics as the endothermic unit is removed; it is therefore reduced to an electric bicycle with pedal assistance and, more precisely, to a velocipede, since both the power (250W) and the maximum speed (25km / h) make the ebike fall within this type of vehicle “, explains the founder of Ambra Italy.

The kit therefore represents an example of green technology and aims to increase the presence of electric vehicles on the road and which, at the same time, will allow us to see the old mopeds we are so fond of running around the streets.

Corradino Ascanio, inventor of the Ciao prototype developed in 1967, is also the inventor of the Vespa and Ape models. It would be as nostalgic as it is innovative if one day not too far away we reviewed our streets populated by the vehicles that represented our childhood, modernized and eco-sustainable.

It is one of those examples of intelligent innovation, in which the rapid advance of technology aims to improve the future, without forgetting the past.