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CyberOne, the humanoid robot capable of understanding emotions

The latest evolution in the field of robotics, in particular humanoid robotics, is represented by CyberOne. Produced by Xiaomi, it is currently the most technologically advanced machine, waiting for the Tesla Bot Optimus that should be presented to the world by the end of September.

But let’s take a step back, what is meant by humanoid robot?

A humanoid is an autonomous robot with human features capable of interacting with the environment that surrounds it, therefore with both objects and living beings. Unlike the classic robots, it is therefore a machine that is very close to our imagination built through the great classics of science fiction films.

When it comes to humanoid robots, many immediately think about the possible risks of the evolution of this technology, especially when addressing the topic of artificial intelligence and the development of a conscience. We have already seen on several occasions how these concerns do not find real supports, if not for fears deriving precisely from the plots of Hollywood films, indeed, whenever man has had the opportunity to deal with an artificial intelligence he has drawn enormous lessons from it to improve your own experience.

Let’s go back to the CyberOne humanoid, therefore it has an appearance vaguely reminiscent of the human one: it is 177 cm tall and weighs approximately 52 kg, it is equipped with several technologically very advanced mechanical functions, with its arms opening of almost 170 cm it is in able to grasp different types of objects very quickly and firmly. However, the true innovation of CyberOne derives from the recognition of human emotions, it is in fact able to interpret facial expressions and an advanced series of dialogues, which allow it to understand the state of mind of its interlocutors. At the moment, this ability mainly serves to “put in a good mood” the man with whom he interacts, giving a flower if someone is in a bad mood or making himself available for a nice selfie if requested.

We are at the dawn of a technology that can bring enormous benefits in many fields of application, and that will greatly improve human life, especially in dangerous areas. All that remains is to take a look at CyberOne’s capabilities in this video