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Space hotels

Space travel is a topic that fascinates us all: anyone at least once in their life must have thought about what the view of the Earth from space can be like, the sensation of the absence of gravity and the universe seen up close. From childhood we imagined that all these were experiences for a select few: super-qualified astronauts who, after years of complex studies and unsustainable physical tests, could see their dream come true. However, the last few years have brought space closer to even the layman, even if a necessary feature to touch the stars still seems to be a bank account with many, many zeros.

We told you in this article about the Virgin flight of mr. Brunson and surely you have also received news of the trip out of town granted by Jeff Bezos. New in recent months, which could be built over a decade or so, is the hotel in orbit for space tourists.

The Voyager Class Space Station will be a real orbiting hotel equipped with all the comforts of the best terrestrial hotels, from standard 30 square meter rooms to suites or even huge apartments of over 500 square meters to buy as a holiday home or, why not , in co-ownership. In addition to this, the Voyager Class Space Station will host cinemas, theaters, bars and restaurants that can be safely managed thanks to the simulated gravity that will reproduce the same gravitational conditions on Earth.

We now come to the question that everyone will be asking: how much will all this cost?

It will obviously be a service for the rich: the first rumors suggest that a week in a suite with a private bathroom will cost about 5 million dollars. Therefore, VIPs and millionaires will certainly be the first to be able to afford this fantastic stay.
But fear not, we will not have to wait for the first orbiting hostel so that space is within reach even of the less well-off. The price of stays largely depends on the price of space travel and, consequently, on the amount of space travel available. From Elon Musk to Jeff Bezos, it seems that the intention of future space pioneers is precisely to significantly increase the number of rockets making a round trip from space destinations. If so, you could see a sharp drop in prices for a stay in a space hotel. How long will we have to wait? It is even thought that as early as 2032 space hotels will be accessible to many. We just have to wait and hurry to book as soon as possible!