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The impact of the DART mission

We told you about NASA’s DART mission which aims to study the effects of the impact of a spacecraft on an asteroid. It looked like the plot of a science fiction film, but we are talking about reality: a few days ago the impact occurred, but the mission is not yet over. In fact, the study phase that is keeping NASA physicists busy these days to understand the details of the deviation of the asteroid’s route is fundamental.

This is the first step in preventing a threat that, fortunately, we have not yet faced.

When you watch the videos of space operations, what is always striking is the enthusiasm of the experts: since Elon Musk launched SpaceX it seems that launching missiles and satellites into space is an everyday operation, in reality every mission contains the work of hundreds of people, sometimes even for years. A failed mission can represent a year of “wasted” work for many people and that is why when we see, for example, a rocket land correctly, the attention quickly falls on the enthusiasm and sometimes the emotion of all the professionals.

Here is the video of the impact of the DART mission