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Registro Pubblico delle Opposizioni

Public register of oppositions

Tired of incessant calls from telemarketers? From online trading to Amazon shares, from supplement lines to mobile telephony, from water purifiers to energy suppliers, there are now dozens of daily calls received on average by a smartphone owner. The block number option helps, but it is not enough to completely cancel this phenomenon.

Each of us is aware that at least once in our life we ​​have signed the acceptance of a privacy agreement without paying too much attention to it, but it was not expected that telemarketing stress would reach these levels. By now the itineraries of our telephone numbers (and alas also of e-mail addresses and physical addresses) are unknown to us, it seems that anyone has access to our data and can disturb us at will.

However, from April 13 of this year things have changed: the Public Register of Oppositions is born. To be precise, this register already existed before April 13, but thanks to the change in some regulatory issues related to telemarketing, it will now really become possible to enter your telephone number in the register and block promotional calls.

Once you have entered the number and received system approval, it will take 15 days for the famous “stop phone calls”. Telemarketing operators will in fact be required to check the register every two weeks and adapt their work based on it. The register acts retroactively, which means that theoretically it will have to cancel all the occasions in which, in a more or less conscious way, we have accepted to receive phone calls.

It is necessary to make two clarifications:
1. Entering the Public Register of Oppositions blocks past acceptances, not future ones. If you were to accept yet another legislation for the use of your data tomorrow, operators will again be required to call you. So pay attention to the management of your data if you decide to start protecting yourself.
2. We have tried to enter a telephone number in the register and have understood that the block is only valid for numbers entered in public telephone directories. Do you remember the paper telephone directories in which landlines and shop numbers were present? They have gradually disappeared, but there is a virtual version that also includes cell numbers. If your contact is within one of these lists then you can enter it in the Public Register of Oppositions. If it is not present, as in most cases since it is necessary to enter it voluntarily, you can fill in one of the many forms made available by each telephone operator and in a few minutes solve both practices, i.e. enter your number in a public list. and then enter it in the Public Register of Oppositions.

If you want to access the Public Register of Oppositions you can click here.