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PC Cube remote working

Remote Working: An Innovative Vision for Corporate Success

With the proliferation of remote working, companies like PC Cube S.r.l. are embracing this transformation with unprecedented determination, facing not only the necessity but also the opportunity to adopt new work modalities that offer flexibility and tangible results.

In a context where many large IT companies are retracting their bets on fully remote work, requiring employees to return to the office at least twice a week, PC Cube S.r.l., thanks to the experience gained in these post-COVID years, has demonstrated that it is possible to manage fully remote teams, including the onboarding of new junior staff in this mode.

On March 13, 2024, PC Cube S.r.l., led by its CEO Massimiliano Pastorino, took another bold step towards the future of remote working by presenting a series of guidelines aimed at improving the quality of remote work for all employees.

This initiative, presented in an engaging manner through the Chime platform, generated overwhelming enthusiasm involving 166 employees of the company, who felt touched by the relevance of the topic.

These guidelines will not only serve to consolidate the successes achieved so far but also to further improve company results, highlighting PC Cube S.r.l.’s ability to be at the forefront of innovation and adaptation to the needs of the modern world of work.

Change is never easy, but it is necessary.

With the growing number of companies embracing remote work, it is essential that organizations adopt effective strategies and protocols to ensure the success of this transition. The guidelines presented by PC Cube S.r.l. are not mere directives, but rather a manifesto for a new era of flexible and productive work.

The need for such guidelines cannot be underestimated. Remote work offers significant advantages in terms of flexibility and work-life balance but also presents unique challenges, including time management, effective communication, and collaboration among team members.

PC Cube S.r.l.’s guidelines address these challenges with a combination of established practices and tailor-made innovations for the company, providing a clear and structured framework for success in remote work.

A crucial aspect of this initiative was the verification of the company’s technological infrastructure’s ability to support remote work on a large scale.

Through a “crash test” conducted during the presentation, the chosen application for online communications, Amazon Chime, demonstrated impressive robustness, smoothly handling 166 simultaneous users, including 25 with active webcams.

This test not only confirmed the platform’s reliability but also highlighted PC Cube S.r.l.’s attention to the quality and reliability of its technological infrastructure.

Ultimately, the adoption of these guidelines is not only a shrewd corporate move but also a statement of intent for a future where remote work is not only a necessity but also a strategic resource.

PC Cube S.r.l. positions itself at the forefront of this transformation, ready to lead the industry towards new frontiers of productivity, innovation, and employee satisfaction.

As the world of work continues to evolve, companies like PC Cube S.r.l. demonstrate that success depends not only on adaptability but also on the willingness to embrace change with determination and vision.