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The transition from the old to the new is not always immediate, especially when considering moving business processes managed entirely offline into technological management platforms. We are now accustomed to organizing data and information on platforms or in the cloud, but how do we retrieve all the data collected in the past, written on paper, organized in folders, and stacked in piles of boxes stored in a company’s warehouses?

To solve this problem, PC Cube has developed DEI EX, the application that leverages artificial intelligence to catalog and create digital inventories. DEI EX is an application capable of working entirely offline, so it can be useful even in those contexts where the connection struggles to arrive, and then it can be synchronized later with the reference system.

The application allows you to pick up folders, binders, and boxes, namely all the storage units. As you move the camera over a storage unit, the app displays the recognized information and gives us the possibility to save them, thus starting our inventory.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, DEI EX can eliminate noise, i.e., all those pieces of information that we do not consider useful. It can recognize patterns and catalog them, such as a time indication, but above all, it improves its learning ability. During initial use, it can be useful to refine its functionalities by explaining to the application how we prefer certain data to be cataloged. But as these interactions occur, the application learns, improves, and becomes more efficient. And this happens every time any user uses it, thus improving the experience of the entire work team.

DEI EX can inventory virtually anything, not only texts or images but also objects and codes. The application is completely customizable according to the needs and characteristics of the inventory to be created. It can be provided together with a storage system or integrated with the system already in use within a company. The data archiving phase is completely offline, and the information is synchronized with the storage system when the user prefers from the mobile app. There is also a web version, where you can view, edit, and validate all the information comfortably on your computer monitor.

Another important feature of DEI EX, particularly the artificial intelligence system on which it is based, is that all information is managed within a proprietary server of the user. Therefore, the information is not exchanged with third-party companies and remains completely owned by the user, in complete respect of the company’s privacy.

Archiving has never been so simple: regardless of where you are, where you have stored your information, catalogs, and resources, DEI EX can allow you to convert all the information you need into digital format.

To understand how to customize DEI EX for your specific situation, contact us.