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A black hole digested a star

Black holes represent one of the greatest mysteries of the universe: we do not know what happens when passing through a black hole, we are only able to make unverified hypotheses, and we are not even able to see them, the classic images of black holes show the effects these have on surrounding matter, but we are not actually observing a black hole.

Precisely for this reason, black holes are fascinating phenomena that are constantly monitored by scientists in search of answers and new knowledge. One of the few things we know about black holes is that when they absorb a star they tend to digest it: an effect that is measured in the days immediately following the star’s entry into the black hole and which manifests itself as the release of energy outside it. Measurable and visible energy through powerful radio telescopes, such as the Very Large Array protagonist of the latest incredible measurement.

Energy is usually released by black holes in the days following the absorption of a star, up to a maximum of 60 days. Instead, an unusual phenomenon was recently monitored and measured: a black hole released the energy of a star that had been incorporated two years earlier.

An extremely unusual behavior compared to everything that had been studied up to now and which could open new frontiers in the field of studying the power and characteristics of stars. The most accredited hypothesis was in fact that nothing could come out of a black hole, except for the energy following the introduction of enormously large elements inside them, such as the stars. The two years of time passed from the absorption to the release of energy represent an incredible novelty, which will certainly be the subject of study and sleepless nights for physicists around the world.

Who knows if the black hole AT2018hyz will give us new information on the mysteries of our universe.