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VVAssistant: the voice assistant for digital contents

Do you want to integrate a voice assistant in your website or your application?
Do you have a content-rich web portal and ease its navigation for your users?
Do you want to strengthen your customer service saving on call center costs?

VVAssistant is the solution you’ve been looking for!

What is a voice assistant?

It’s an application that can be integrated in a digital content and allows the user to interact with it using the voice.
The most common type of voice assistants are those integrated in our smartphones: when we talk to them we get access to all phone’s functions and internet.
VVAssistant is a voice assistant that can be integrated in any kind of digital content guaranteeing a voice interaction in addition to the textual one.
Thanks to VVAssistant we’ll be able to talk to a website and ask for the information we’re looking for, simplifying and speeding up our navigation experience.

Why choosing a voice assistant?

Users who are replacing textual interactions with voice commands are increasing: market trends show that 30% of users in 2018 interacted with their electronic devices through voice commands and the numbers are surely growing in 2019.
Many sectors have already adopted this kind of technology, automotive was the first one. A voice assistant in the car considerably increases the security level when using all the elaborate functions that vehicles have nowadays.
In domotics, voice assistants are becoming a reality: we’re slowly transforming our houses in smart houses where we turn the light on and adjust the temperature simply talking to our appliances.
We can also find examples of voice assistants in our everyday lives: just think about how many times we send and listen to voice messages on WhatsApp or Messenger.
We’re all getting used to replace many functions of our lives with voice interactions instead of texts.


How does Vocal Virtual Assistant work?

The digital content (website or any other application) is mapped inserting the areas of knowledge (Corpus) and the dictionaries (Thesaurus) which, based on their definition, will determine the quality of interaction of the voice assistant.
The continuous use of VVAssistant allows to improve the precision and the extension of both the Corpus and the Theseaurus, maximising their effectiveness and making it a much more independent and powerful tool.

These are VVA’s functionalities:

  • use voice, text, pictures and photos to question the system;
  • multilingual interaction;
  • multi-channel communication: VoIP call, voice call, messaging, chat:
  • chronology of the customer’s interaction;
  • open a ticket for remote assistance;
  • customer profiling;
  • Big Data analysis;
  • personalize the experience;
  • manage Corpus and Theseaurus;
  • consult interactions to implement VVA;
  • send multimedia answers;
  • get in touch with the user.


What are the benefits of a voice assistant?

Beside improving website navigation for your users, notably enhancing the user experience of your contents, the voice assistant has many advantages in terms of education and support.
VVAssistant can be very helpful for a call center: it can easily solve most customer’s issues. Moreover, if a user needs to talk to an operator, the voice assistant informs him beforehand on the type of request he will have to fix and supports him during the search.
At the end, the operator can send a push notification on the user’s app with the answer to his inquiry.
Most users’ issues are easy tasks like recovering lost passwords. Solving these in an automated way allows to save a lot of time and consequently a lot of money.
The voice assistant can also be a powerful training tool: trainees can use it to learn complex procedures, test their ability in solving problems and navigate through their training manuals.
VVAssistant completes, organizes and accelerates the quality of learning, supervising the processes plan, defining and monitoring KPIs.

Do you want to know how to integrate one of our voice assistants?

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