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Product identity card

We read words like BIO, DOC, DOCG every day when we go to the supermarket to do the shopping. Acronyms that theoretically should represent the quality of the products, but which in reality have become real marketing tools and which in some cases have even been the protagonists of colossal scams against consumers (just go back in time a few weeks to being able to find the news of the latest scandal linked to the origin of the wheat of a famous pasta brand, which professed to be 100% Italian).

All these episodes have contributed to a growing distrust on the part of consumers who now tend to see these acronyms as a decoy, even if in reality this is not always the case.

However, it must be noted that it is difficult for a “normal” person to really understand if a company works in an ethical manner and especially if what it proclaims corresponds to reality, a mechanism linked to trust will always be the basis of the purchasing process. We are increasingly looking for quality products: we do not want to feed intensive farming, we do not want chemicals in our vegetables, we want to know the origin of what we eat. But how is all this possible?
Technology can be a big push in this direction. We then introduce the concept of product identity card.

What is the product identity card?

Just like our identity card, the product identity card must tell truthful information about the product we are purchasing. It contains all the characteristics and data relating to the product collected throughout the food chain. In fact, it is not enough to indicate the origin of a particular food, but the aim is to let the consumer know how it was transported, in what conditions, when it left and how long it passed from the moment of arrival at the distributor to when it was purchased.

Concepts such as the zero kilometer are certainly positive, but many others must be introduced to really talk about quality. Just think of our daily life: we know very well that a food or drink stored in the refrigerator or outside the fridge, or simply a food that is covered or not before being stored, have very different qualities, even going so far as to be inedible even if the material before it was excellent.

This is why all this information must be made available to the consumer, and therefore the identity card of the product works.
To achieve such a result, it is necessary to collect data and monitor the entire production chain, in such a way as to be able to give certifications on all stages of the distribution and sale of a product and to guarantee consumers that trust from which we started.

TerraOmnia’s goal is just that!

It is a modular and flexible software solution, which through the IoT communication between devices traces the entire life cycle of a product and allows you to monitor its characteristics at all stages of the food chain, characteristics that can be made available to the consumer. through a sort of product identity card.

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