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assistente vocale android

VVAssistant: the Android voice assistant … and not only!

The marketplace for voice assistants

Voice assistants are tools that make communication between companies and professionals easier, thanks to the possibility of using the voice to interact and exchange information. There are now many alternatives on the market, with different characteristics and prices. The offer is varied, not only in terms of the features available, but also and primarily for the methods of use and integration with the systems owned by the companies that decide to adopt one.

The best voice assistants for Android

In the decisive moment to implement a voice assistant, it is critical to consider the operating system of the target device. The best voice assistants must integrate well with all operating systems on the market, in order to provide an excellent user experience regardless of the type of device your customers are using. Some voice assistants are installed directly on the reference devices and simplify important activities of daily life, such as searching for information and carrying out work, by directly addressing the voice assistant for Android via voice commands.

VVAssistant as an Android virtual voice assistant and… not only.

VVAssistant is an innovative interaction tool: it is a voice assistant that works perfectly on any operating system, making it an excellent solution for those looking for a virtual voice assistant suitable for Android devices.

Available as a progressive web app and web app, in fact, it is also usable as a mobile application, supported by both Android and iOS systems.

The user who downloads the application on their smartphone will have the ability to communicate via voice, text, photos and images, reducing the access time to existing online services.

VVAssistant does not replace digital contents, but supports them in order to simplify interactions, also thanks to the possibility of integrating with the mobile device through:

· voice calls;

· agenda;

· calendar;

· navigator.

The user looking for information, specifically, on an Android device and who needs personalized assistance, will only need to download the VVAssistant application for free directly from the Android Play Store.

The next step will be to log in using your credentials and then proceed to use.

In addition to multi-channel communications (VoIP call, voice call, messaging, chat), it will be able to open tickets to receive remote assistance from the company’s call center.

In addition, VVAssistant will always give the possibility to consult past interactions, thanks to the saving of the history right on the app. This will be especially useful for the call center operator who, even remotely and at a later time, will be able to read the user’s history and solve any problems in a short time, contacting him via notifications for complete assistance, without being forced to wait long on the phone.

These and many more are the features of VVAssistant, optimized for all types of Android and iOS devices!

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