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da tecnologia a tecnologia verde

From technology to green technology

The last 150 years have been a period of great changes, both if we consider the history of human beings and if we consider the life of the entire planet. It can be said that technology has been the common thread that has accompanied these changes: from the first industrial processes for Ford cars to the birth of personal computers, from the invention of the internet to space travel, there are many innovations and changes that have taken place in recent decades.

However, in the general enthusiasm to see what the next invention would be, we have perhaps lost the meaning of technology and technological innovation. Technology is a term that derives from the Greek, composed of techne, art / skill, and loghia, speech / explanation. Technology aims to create solutions to practical problems, at least by looking at its definition.

We have arrived at a time when the practical problem to be solved was caused by the technology itself, for this reason a new way of understanding innovation is needed, represented by green technology.

Thanks to technology, we can evaluate the impacts of the innovations of recent years: the study of marine sediments has allowed us to simulate a model of the temperature trend of the last 24,000 years. The result of this study was the understanding of the impact of mankind, industrialization and technological development on the planet. The result is a rise in temperatures that had never been recorded in this time frame. We have seen the average temperature rise by 1.2 ° C over the past 150 years, while in the previous 10,000 years it had only increased by 0.5 ° C. The cause of all this is therefore not the presence of man on the planet, but what we are doing.

Green technology, on the other hand, aims to safeguard innovation by taking these data into account.
It includes all those processes that allow you to create a product or service in an eco-sustainable way. We therefore do not mean a technology aimed at creating something useful for the environment (or rather, not only), but it also includes all the production processes and also takes into account those of disposal, to arrive at solutions that are really eco-sustainable.

Within green technology, therefore, a series of issues arise related to renewable energy, our lifestyle, our habits and the direction that we must all take. A considerable effort is required of companies, which must significantly reverse the trend and begin to review their production processes, thinking in a perspective of green technology.
Green technology is an important resource for safeguarding our future, if you want to find out more about it, read the article: