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sensori iot

IoT sensors

The role of sensors in the IoT

An introduction

The Internet of Things consists of the interconnection between sensors, located on specific objects, which allow you to communicate and process information using the network.

The birth of the IoT took place in 1999, although the first concepts in this regard, introduced as early as 1982, as a result, of an American university research.Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University located sensors and the internet connection on a soda machine to monitor the operating status.Since that event, an in-depth article written in a scientific journal, regarding the possibility of integrating a wide range of objects that belong to various fields of application into the network.


Focus on BebopIts sensors

Within the logistics and fleet management sector, on which Bebop is currently specialized, its customers can benefit from a wide range of sensors integrated into the platform. Here are some examples: Fuel level sensorThe sensor, after assembled on the vehicle, records the fuel level in a constant and timely manner. This sensor connected to a StarLink, a modular GPS tracking device, i.e. extended also to collect information from other components connected to it.

Among the latter, sensors can be identified for detecting ignition of mechanical parts of a vehicle.

For example, if the customer wants to monitor a truck and its consumption (with the possibility of receiving alarms if fuel theft occurs), a fuel level sensor directly installed in the tank.

At this point, the StarLink connected to it will take care of including the data recorded on the fuel in each message sent to the Bebop platform.


Activation sensors

These sensors monitor the activity of mechanical components installed on vehicles. Let us use a garbage vehicle (truck) as an example.In this case, sensors installed on the vehicle are to determine if the brushes or the water pumps are working.

As with the previous sensors, the activation sensors connected to a StarLink, which records the ignition and shutdown data and sends them to Bebop. RFID tagRFID is not a real sensor, but an IoT recognition technology that is fundamental for the tracking and tracing of assets. The purpose is to facilitate inventories and track the movements of the goods, as well as the storage systems of the same.

Currently, in the case of Bebop, the RFID tag applied on top of a company equipment interacts with some predisposed vehicles, thanks to the StarLinks installed on them. In this way, the StarLink will include the RFID information in its message sent to the platform.


The benefits of IoT sensorsOther sensors

IoT sensors have the task of collecting, processing and transferring data to improve business processes, optimize services, etc.

Today there is a very wide range of sensors suitable for the specific needs of every reality that chooses to approach IoT technologies to integrate them into their business processes.

We at PcCube have at our disposal a wide range of ad hoc sensors that allow Bebop, the fleet & asset management platform, to guarantee and achieve the desired results.