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Making green technology in Italy

What does it mean to do green technology in Italy?

There are many ways to contribute to green technology in Italy, as well as in other countries. In fact, when we talk about green technology, we mean all those eco-sustainable processes that produce a benefit for the environment. Therefore, the production of a good or service that generates an improvement for the planet is not enough, but the process itself at the basis of the realization must be eco-sustainable, with limited emissions and possibly powered by renewable energy.

So how is it possible to make green technology in Italy?

As Italy is one of the countries with the most developed biodiversity and having to commit ourselves to safeguarding kilometers of coastline and impressive mountain ranges, the fields of action and evolution of green technology are practically unlimited.

There are many examples of green technology in Italy. The hydrogen buses in Bolzano, to the aquatic drones of the Tiber, from applications in the agricultural field, to those applications or software that aim to optimize resources with the consequent reduction of emissions and waste of energy, such as those developed by PC Cube.

For example, Bebop is an innovation in the field of IoT that allows the tracking of company fleets and the consequent optimization of routes. Find out more about Bebop by clicking here.

Green technology represents the future of Italy: we have now reached a turning point and taking collective responsibility, which will see individuals treat the environment following a new awareness, and companies in a new direction, with an eye well open to the protection of the planet.

Green technology, eco-sustainability, circular economy are all concepts that will, day after day, become more and more part of our daily life and the reality that surrounds us. An evolution that will benefit the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we consume every day.

In our blog you will find all the most interesting innovations at Italian and international level concerning green technology, we will tell you how the world is responding to this important challenge and how we will be able to win it day after day.